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Winslow has selected WM, a leader in sustainability-focused waste services and solutions, for automated trash, recycling and other solid waste collection. Discover how WM is reimagining waste for a more sustainable tomorrow by clicking here.

Service Information & Guidelines 
Proper Cart Placement
Place your carts at the curb with wheels facing your house the night before your collection day. Remove carts after collection. Keep your carts at least three feet from parked cars, mailboxes or other obstacles.

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Why Automated Cart Collection?
Automated collection is safer and quieter for the community. Wheeled carts are easier to roll and place at the curb, and the attached lid helps keep trash from blowing into the street and recycling dry to make sure items get a second life as something new.

What Belongs in Your Cart?
Place common household trash such as food waste, chip bags, paper towels, plastic bags, and clothes too worn to be donated in your cart. Do not place construction waste, auto parts, tires, hazardous waste (paint, oil, household cleaners), or medical or e-waste in your carts.

Place clean and dry bottles, cans, paper and cardboard (break down your boxes) directly into your cart. One dirty item can contaminate an entire truckload, so make sure recyclables are clean and dry. Don’t bag your recyclables. Keep plastic bags out of your recycling.

Recycling Resources
Become a recycling expert. Visit Recycle Right by clicking here to learn the three basic rules of recycling, download in-depth guides and resources, and find everything you need to recycle right, every day.

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Keep These Dangerous Items Out of Your Carts
Everyday household hazardous waste can inadvertently cause a fire in your cart or inside a collection truck. Help keep our community safe by keeping these household items out of your cart by clicking here.

Collection shall occur between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If a collection day falls on a designated holiday, the Services shall be performed on the next weekday. Designated holidays are:

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day
New Year's Day

To request an additional trash toter for solid waste, please contact the Finance Department at (928) 289-5533. The fee for an additional toter is $11.00 per month.