Animal Control

Mission Statement

While striving to build healthy relationships between people and animals, it shall be the mission of the Winslow Animal Control to serve the residents of Winslow in a timely, sociable, and competent manner when enforcing any animal ordinance.


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548 Barrigan Road (near the airport)
Telephone: 928-289-3232

Impound Fees












Fourth & Subsequent Impound



In addition, there is a $15.00 per day boarding fee.

If unsterilized and impounded; first impound additional $20.00; second impound $40.00; third impound animal will be sterilized at owner's expense.

Licensing Fees

1 Year

3 Years







* Every Animal Impounded Must Be Licensed Before Release *

Reporting of Animal Bites

Any victim bitten by an animal or the owner of any animal which bites a human is required to report that incident to Winslow Animal Control immediately.  An animal that bites and draws blood or breaks the skin must be quarantined up to 10 days at the shelter from the time of the bite.  If the animal has a current rabies vaccination, other stipulations may apply. 

Shelter Hours

Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Closed:  Saturday & Sunday
Closed:  Federal Holidays