Public Housing

The Winslow Public Housing Authority's waiting list for Public Housing/Low Rent is currently open. The waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 program is currently closed.

The department manages 55 public housing apartments for families, including 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides funding to make the rents affordable. 

The department administers 128 Housing Choice Vouchers.  After the applicant reaches the top of the waiting list, a voucher is issued.  The participant then selects a home from the open market (within HUD guidelines), which may be a house, apartment or mobile home.  Once the home is approved, the department helps the family pay the rent.   

Applications for housing assistance may be obtained with a written request or by visiting our office which is located at 900 W. Henderson Square.  If you have questions regarding participation in either of these programs, you may call our office at (928) 289-4617.  No matter how you choose to contact us, we are always glad to hear from you.

By law, preference is given to a percentage of extremely low income families.  For all others, the department has also adopted preferences for date and time of application.  The Section 8 waiting list is organized by date and time of application.  The public housing waiting list is organized by bedroom size, date and time.

Applicants should contact our office in writing any time there is a change in family circumstances (birth, change of address, job loss, etc).  Failure to do so may result in missed opportunity or removal from the waiting list.

The department is committed to a policy of equal opportunity without regard to race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, age or physical or mental handicap.  Any complaints regarding discrimination in any of our programs should be referred to the manager or the HUD Hotline at (800) 347-3735.

Kim Salazar 
Public Housing Director
Phone: 928-289-1457

Pearl Anderson
Public Housing Specialist
Phone: 928-289-1452