118 East 2nd Street

118 East 2nd Street is the west half of a historic building built in 1935 by Arthur LaPrade on historic Route 66, now known as 2nd Street. This large, single building was constructed with an interior dividing wall, but was designed to be utilized as two buildings.   According to county records, the site was recorded as two parcels at that time the single structure was built.

Each half of the building has a slightly different styled façade. 118 East 2nd Street has had minimal changes to the facade since the 1950s. The front has a simple heightened flat front façade to designed to accommodate neon signage and awnings. During the 1950’s, some slate detail work was added to the front façade. This 20' by 134' building is an excellent example of architecture built along Route 66 during the depression era.

This building initially housed the National Café in front with living quarters in the rear.  However, this location was historically used as a garage, the J & J Chop Suey Café, a grocery store, a pawn shop and a photo shop. This building was built in a style that maximized the Route 66 traffic and customers.