City Transit

Mission Statement:

We provide safe, inclusive, convenient, and efficient public transportation services to the City of Winslow. To meet the needs of the public for the highest quality transit service.  Provide dynamic organizational leadership and change consistent with the growth of the transit agency. Continue the advancement of innovative transportation and alternative fuel technologies. Provide leadership for the region’s mobility needs.

Our service area is currently limited to the boundaries of City limits.  However, we include the following subdivisions.

  • Hopi Housing

  • Kachina Gardens

  • Bushman Acres

  • Winslow Airport

WPT will make every attempt to make reasonable modifications to their policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure programs and services are accessible to all individuals with disabilities. The modification may require advance notice; but when feasible, Winslow Public Transit will maintain flexibility in handling requests only practicable on the spot.

  • Requesters must describe what they need to use the service.

  • requesters do not need to use the phrase, "reasonable modification."

  • Requesters may call 928-289-1462

As WPT continues to grow, our services will also expand to accommodate at many of the local residents as possible.  The WPT would also like to remind the public that there will be more information dissemination in the coming months.

City of Winslow

Pamela Tsinijinnie

City of Winslow 
Transit Manager