112 N. Kinsley - 66 Motor Palace

The 66 Motor Palace is one of the most visible buildings in the historic Route 66 district, sitting diagonally from Winslow’s famous corner and the large Route 66 road emblem in the middle of 2nd and Kinsley Ave. While closed to the public during the preservation process, the plan is to open a curated exhibit of classic motorcycles, automobiles, and transportation-related art and artifacts.

The twenty-five-foot wide, eighty-foot-deep brick building is one of the oldest remaining buildings in Winslow’s Commercial Historic District, dating somewhere between 1892 and 1901. The pedestrian-oriented structure contributes to the overall historic character of Winslow’s commercial historic district because it has no setback from the sidewalk–one of the most important physical characteristics distinguishing historic buildings from later commercial development. The building is seen here in a 1910 photo of downtown.

During the heyday of Route 66, the building was a pool hall with snooker tables and pinball machines. The pool hall remained in operation until the early 90s, when the city bought the building from owner Larry Benham with plans to demolish it for a parking lot. According to city council reports in the Winslow Mail newspaper, resident Marie LaMar fought to save the building in hopes of preserving Winslow’s historic past. The council agreed.

To read more about the building's history and current status, visit 66motorplace.com