Fire Public Safety Board

Fire Public Safety Board

The Public Safety Fire Personnel Retirement Board meets on occassion to discuss matters relating to the Fire Public Safety Personnel Retirement Plan.  Two citizens from the community are appointed by Council to serve a four year term. Two members are also elected by secret ballot by Public Safety employees to serve a four year term.  WINSLOW RESIDENCY IS NOT REQUIRED to serve on this Board.  Meetings are held in the City Hall Conference Room, 21 Williamson Avenue, Winslow, Arizona on an as-needed basis. 

Members  Appointed  Term End 
Mayor Roberta Cano 00/00/00  Indefinite 
Fire Lt. Ector Aguilera  01/01/17  07/31/25
Kenn Evans  09/10/13  01/31/24
Fire Lt. Dustin Cole 07/01/19 07/01/23
Mary Ann Smith  09/12/17  01/31/26

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