Airport Commission

Airport Commission

The Airport Commission is responsible for promoting the Winslow Airport, providing educational services to promote a better understanding of airport related activities to the local area and reviews and participates in specific short and long term airport planning efforts and development projects.  Members serve a three year period, with the terms of the members staggered so that no more than two (2) will expire in any one year.  WINSLOW RESIDENCY IS REQUIRED to serve on the Airport Commission. 

The Commission meets on the third Monday of every month at 4:30 pm in the City Hall Conference Room located at 21 Williamson Avenue, Winslow, Arizona, unless there is no quorum or business to come before the commission.  

Members  Position  Appointed      Term End
Bruce Lazzarini Chairman  05/12/15  12/31/25
Jeff Patton   12/11/18 12/31/23
Sean Gravier   04/26/22 12/31/25
Lawrence Kenna    06/14/16 12/31/24
Kevin Coolidge   02/24/15  12/31/23

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