Sanitation, Water & Wastewater
Utilities includes water, wastewater and sanitation. If you need to establish service, please visit the Finance Office at 119 E. First Street or call (928) 289-5533. Residents will be required to complete a Residential Utility Application if there has been no prior service established under your name. Commercial accounts will be required to complete the Commercial Utility Application to establish service. Fees to establish service are as follows:

Fee Type  Amount 
Deposit - Property Owners    $100.00 
Deposit - Renters  $200.00 
Maximum Residential Deposit  $200.00 
New Service and Service Transfer Fee $15.00
Deposit - Outside City Limits Please call the office


NOTE:  Deposits listed in the most current fee schedule supersede any deposit amounts listed on this webpage. Please check with the Finance Office for official deposit amounts. The deposit and new service fee must be paid in full before services will be turned on. The transfer fee must be paid prior to the transfer of service.

Monthly Payments for Service
Utility bills are mailed to the customer around the 1st of the month and are due on the 21st of the month. If the 21st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the due date is the following Monday. If payment is not made by 4 p.m. on the due date specified on the bill, a $20.00 late fee will be assessed on the next bill. To make a payment by phone, please call (928) 289-5533. If you would like to pay your water bill online, please click here.

Turn-Off Procedures for Delinquent Accounts:
Accounts that have not been paid by the 28th of the month shall result in discontinued service and a reconnection fee of  $40.00 will be required to reinstate water service.  Accounts may also be assessed charges for repairs to meters or pipes made necessary by carelessness or willful damage on the part of the customer. Payment of current maximum deposit fee and all past due accounts in the same name will become payable before reconnection, unless a written repayment agreement is signed by the City Manager. To discontinue service a Utility Service Disconnect Form must be completed. 

For more information regarding utility establishment, billing, and payment, please contact the Finance Department at  (928) 289-5533.

For Utility Emergencies Call:
Water - (928) 587-2844
Wastewater - (928) 613-0073

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