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Waste Management
Solid Waste/Recycling Collection
Holiday Schedule

Collection shall occur between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If a collection day falls on a designated holiday, the Services shall be performed on the next weekday. Designated holidays are:
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day

The Following is a list of ACCEPTABLE recyclables.  Please note that all items must be dry, loose (not bagged) and include ONLY the following:
Aluminum Cans - Empty Newspaper
PET Bottles with the Symbol #1 - with screw tops only - Empty Mail
HDPE Plastic Bottles with the Symbol #2 (milk, water bottles, detergent and shampoo bottles) - Empty Uncoated Paperboard (cereal boxes, food and snack boxes)
PP Plastic Bottles and Tubs with Symbols #4 & 5 - Empty Uncoated Printing, Writing and Office Paper
Steel and Tin Cans - Empty Old Corrugated Containers/Cardboard (uncoated)
Magazines, Glossy Inserts and Pamphlets  

If Your Current Trash Days Are:

You'll Now:
 Monday & Thursday  Put Your Trash Out on Monday & Recycling on Thursday
 Tuesday & Friday  Put Your Trash Out on Tuesday & Recycling on Friday

To request an additional trash toter for solid waste, please contact the Finance Department at (928) 289-5533. The fee for an additional toter is $11.00 per month. 

Educational Reycling Information:
2020 100 Days of Summer
Recycling Myths              
Most Common Contaminants
Follow the waste stream

For recycling or trash questions or concerns, please contact Waste Management Customer Service at (928) 289-0674

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