Student E-Book Access

BulldogWinslow students 5th grade and older can have access to the Navajo County Library District's E-Resources!  This option is available to ALL 5th grade and older students including Public, Private and Homeschool.

Parents/Guardians MUST fill out the Permission Form at the link below before students can access any E-Resources.  By signing this form, parents/guardians are agreeing to allow their student to access ALL the E-Resources of the Navajo County Library District.  It is up to parents/guardians to monitor the content their student views.

If you have more questions, please contact the public library or your student's school library:
Washington Elementary School: 928-288-8616
Winslow Junior High School: 928-288-8318
Winslow High School: 928-288-8122

If your student is younger than 5th grade, please feel free to contact the public library with any questions:

Have a question? Get in touch.


(928) 289-2422


(928) 289-3742