Fictional Ghost Tour

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Join the Winslow Public Library on a Fictional Ghost Tour of Downtown Winslow!

There are 3 ways to enjoy our tour:
  1.  Pick up a map from Winslow Public Library and follow it to each of the sites.  Each site will have a poster with their story available.
  2.  Download the Future History App: and follow the tour including pictures and audio.
  3.  Scan the QR Codes on the site posters to read the stories on the City of Winslow's website.

Here are a list of the sites participating in the Fictional Ghost Tour:
Ghost Tour Map
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Thanks to all the local business owners who agreed to be a part of the Fictional Ghost Tour.

Thank you to the Old Trails Museum for helping us research downtown Winslow.

Thanks to Ted Pate for narrating the audio version of our stories on the Future History App.

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