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TisB 88bButton - ListenIn 1900, the Navajo County Bank opened a branch in Winslow.  The Bank of Winslow took over the building, in 1904 funded by local cattlemen.  In 1924, the southwestern states were hit by a streak of bizarre weather.  A very dry summer resulted in brush and grass fires destroying the cattle’s feed.  The cattle who survived the drought and lack of food were in poor condition just as an early winter hit the area.  Freezing sleet and snow wiped out large numbers of the already dwindling herds.  Some of the cattle were frozen on their feet and the carcasses had to be burned when the bodies thawed in the spring.

118406675_1219265525072993_7787897134073338655_nThe local cattlemen were hit hard.  They couldn’t afford to back the bank opened just 20 years before.  Many families had to withdraw every last penny to survive that year.  The bank was forced to close.  All funds were withdrawn.  One of the bank tellers, an older man, was carrying a box full of gold coins from the upstairs safe down to a waiting cattleman.  Based on descriptions from the news articles, it seems likely that the poor man suffered a heart attack, brought on by the stress of the times.  He had just started down the stairs when he collapsed, dropping the heavy box.  The box burst open and gold coins rained down on the desperate people below.  There was a scramble to grab the money, both by the bank employees and the waiting patrons. 

The building eventually housed a jewelry store and currently houses the popular Sipp Shoppe.  It is rarely a quiet place, being such a popular stop.  But if you do happen to be sitting quietly at a table near the stairs, you might hear a crash and the sound of raining coins.  Employees of the various businesses the building has housed have reported seeing a glint of gold under the edge of a table, a counter or even the original safe door.  But when they reach for the coin, it vanishes.Sipp Shoppe Logo

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