6. Relic Road Brewing Company

IofAW 14bButton - ListenLocated just west of Winslow, Canyon Diablo and the ruins of the town Two Guns have a haunted history.  In 1881, the railroad began building a bridge over the 255-foot-deep canyon.  Over 200 people worked for more than 6 months to construct the 11 iron pylons and tracks that still cross Canyon Diablo.  The bridge was in constant use from the day of completion.  During World War II it was considered such a vital connection point, the U.S. Army assigned an entire troop to protect it.

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While the bridge was being built, those 200 workers enjoyed living in Two Guns.  The town boasted a main road named “Hell Street” with 14 bars, 10 gambling dens, 2 dance halls and 2 competing brothels.  Already bloodied by a long history of violence between local tribes, the invading Spanish, and outlaws, Two Guns became famous for having the shortest lived sheriff in history.  He was sworn in, had his new star pinned on his chest and was shot as he opened the door to walk out of the jail. 

Maybe RelicIn 1769, a heavy laden mule train carrying bars of silver and a cache of diamonds was attacked, so they stashed the valuables somewhere in Canyon Diablo and fled for their lives.  Over 100 years later, a local cowboy was exploring the area and returned to town with a single bar of silver, a handful of diamonds, and a human skull.  He bragged about his find as he headed to a local shop for the jewels to be evaluated.  Just as he opened the door to the shop, he was shot in the back.  Two men ran up, stripped him of the diamonds and escaped on the next train west. 


RelicRoad Brewing Company opened in 2017 and from that day on, customers have reported hearing a gunshot and even smelled gunpowder as they open the door to walk into the restaurant. 

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