5. BoJo's Grill & Sports Grill

2017 JulyButton - ListenRichard “Otto” Bruchman spoke fluent English, Navajo and Spanish which helped his business at the Bird Springs Trading Post.  In 1921, he opened Bruchman’s Indian Curios on Second Street in Winslow.  Bruchman traded food, clothing, saddles and Pendleton blankets for local rugs, baskets, pottery and jewelry.  He remained involved in the business till he was 97 years old.  Bruchman smoked cigars till he died and his Trading Post always had the lingering odor of cigar smoke. 

When Bruchman didn’t feel up to running the business, his granddaughter Dona took over and ran the Trading Post until 1995.  In 1996, the building became BoJo’s Grill & Sports Club.  The new owners renovated the smokey old building into a restaurant that quickly became a local favorite.  One of the owners and his wife live in the apartment above the restaurant.  It wasn’t until the restaurant opened that anyone noticed the ghostly presence.

Cigar smoke would linger in the air even when BoJo’s was closed.  One Sunday, the owner’s wife, Mrs. Jacobs, heard someone ringing the bell for a waitress – the restaurant was closed.  Another time at 4:30am, she woke up because the dishwasher was being turned on and off.  Again, no one was there.  Mrs. Jacobs has even reported that the ghost whispered “hello” in her ear, making her hair stand on end and making her feel icy cold.

The restaurant staff are used to the odd comings and goings of who they assume is Mr. Bruchman.  They affectionately refer to him as “Grandpa” as he makes his rounds.BoJos Logo

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