First Street Windmill

05.26.2014 - Windmill Dedication 3

Visual icons of the Southwest, windmills were common in the plains and high desert from the 1800's.   Metal windmills like this model became popular after 1890 because their curved blades allowed them to capture more wind and they needed less maintenance than the older wooden models. 

Windmill Photo

Windmills were instrumental in developing range land in the arid West, as ranchers could maintain large herds of cattle in remote locations.  Cattle could graze up to 5 miles and then return to water in the evening.  Depending on wind speed and blade size, a large windmill could pump water from a depth of 150 feet at a rate of up to 100 gallons per hour, thus ensuring that a stock tank would always have water.

Thanks to the vision of Ann and Dave Hartman and support from the City of Winslow and local organizations, businesses, and individuals, this windmill was erected in 2014 to remind us of Winslow's connection with ranching.  Local ranchers participated in the dedication ceremony by burning their unique brands into the windmill's wooden scaffolding.             (author: Linda Chambers)

  05.26.2014 - Windmill Dedication 1 05.26.2014 - Windmill Dedication 4    Windmill Jim Buckley

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