120 East 2nd Street

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Built in 1935, Arthur LaPrade designed this building to accommodate two businesses.  Built in the typical style of the 1903’s, the building features simple economic lines including a flat front to accommodate signage and an awning directly over the sidewalk.  The 30 feet wide by 134 feet long building is constructed of brick with concrete foundations and a flat roof featuring parapet walls.  In the 1970’s, the original brickwork was covered by a plaster repair.

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The first business this building housed was a Sprouse-Reitz Co. five-and-dime store.  The now-defunct chain once had over 470 stores throughout the western United States.  Sprouse-Reitz advertised themselves as the “variety store” and did offer a large variety of inventory to the citizens of Winslow. 

photo 5In the 1950’s Sears, Roebuck and Co., moved into the building and updated the lower façade to include a brick design and new windows were installed.  Sears remained in the building until the mid-90’s before closing.  The building has since hosted several local businesses in succession.

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The current owner, Tess Kenna, is currently renovating the building and intends to turn it into an art gallery featuring local artists.

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