110 East 2nd Street

Thomas Dye Building West

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110 East 2nd Street is the western half of a historic building, built-in 1914 by Heymer Construction.  The owner, Thomas Dye, planned to use the building as a mercantile company.  The building has extensive brick detail work along the upper half of the building and was constructed of brick, block, and wood with a concrete foundation.



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The building is mostly one story with some second-story storage areas in the rear area, with a front width of twenty-five feet and a depth of 100 feet. It has a central entrance flanked by large storefront windows and is built wall to wall with the adjoining historic buildings. The building's most significant decorative element is the brick corbelling above a large brick decorative storefront.  It is a good example of early 20th-century commercial historic building architecture.


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In 1939 a permanent interior wall was built to divide the parcel in two.  This building has housed a mercantile company, restaurant, school, archery range, department store, the Winslow Police Department offices, and a medical mall. This building has a long history connected to the town of Winslow and is one of the original buildings built on this historic block.

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