10. Old Trails Museum

2019 Cover cButton - ListenIn the early morning and late evening hours, visitors to the famous Standin’ on a Corner Park have reported numerous sightings of a ghostly dog dashing across the street from the Old Trails Museum.  The apparition of a perky Jack Russell Terrier jauntily trots across the sidewalk before fading away.  The building was originally the Union Bank and Trust which opened in 1921.  The first bank manager owned a Jack Russell who never left his side.  The dog, Boss, greeted everyone who entered the marble and mosaic interior, giving a quick wag of his tail with a clever gleam in his eye. 

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The building remained a bank until it was donated to be used as a museum in 1985.  Starting as a Union Bank and Trust, then belonging to First National Bank, Valley National Bank and ending as a Western Loan and Savings, the distinguished building has always been guarded by little Boss.  He was there on opening day and has never left his post.

Boss even foiled a bank robbery once.  During Prohibition, the mob tried to take complete control of the underground liquor trade.  Sneaking illegal alcohol across the border from Mexico was the easy part.  Getting it to the speakeasies was the hard part.  Winslow is a crossroads for the railroad and major highways.  If the mob could get their booze onto a train without getting caught, they had a good chance of offloading it in a big city. 

2019 Cover aOne of Machine Gun Kelly’s associates was supposed to be riding with a shipment of illegal tequila in a boxcar up to Chicago.  Apparently, he was not the best man for the job because he exited the train and tried to hold up the Union Bank and Trust for a quick payday that had not been authorized by his employer.  He assumed a small bank in Northern Arizona would be an easy target, but he didn’t count on feisty little Boss. 

When he pulled his gun, the Jack Russell Terrier sprang into action and attacked the man’s ankles.  While the mob-man was distracted and nearly knocked off his feet by the small dog, the bank manager was able to snatch the gun from his hand and deliver a knock-out blow.  The police arrested the man and confiscated his illicit cargo.  Boss was awarded with a plate of steak from the nearby White Café.
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