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Hello City of Winslow,

My Name is Timothy Nelson, your new Transit Manager.  In the coming 2019 year, in the months, and weeks, we will be able to provide updates on the prospect of providing the City of Winslow, local bus services.

August 2019 - Update

We are moving forward, as part of the City's compliance with grant guidelines; please visit the "Customer Rights" tab on this web site.

As the Winslow Public Transit (WPT) continues to move forward, we are preparing to order buses!  This October WPT will have finalized the type of buses we need, along with the amenities required to assist those with disabilities to ride the local and possibly regional bus services.  Once the orders for the buses are submitted, we expect 6-9 months before delivery.

The WPT would also like to remind the public that there will be more information dissemination in the coming months.

Thank you,
Timothy Nelson,
City of Winslow 
Transit Manager

Some of our relationships, and associations:

Federal Transportation Administration

Arizona Department of Transportation 

Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA)

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